For Mother’s Day this year, you can ask YOUR mother if she wants to go out to eat.  And then you can ask her if she wants to go out to eat . . . WITH YOU.


According to new research, 31% of moms will consider dining out with friends . . . 21% will consider a date night, without their kids . . . and 10% may dine out solo for Mother’s Day.


But regardless who’s going, restaurants will be PACKED.  According to Open Table, Mother’s Day was the #1 busiest day for restaurants last year . . . and the second-biggest day was the Saturday before Mother’s Day.


Overall, 54% of Americans plan to dine out this Mother’s Day, and that’s even higher among Millennials and Gen Z’ers.


By the way, you may want to leave your phone in your pocket.  26% of poeple said their “ideal” Mother’s Day experience involves no phones or tablets at the table.