42 million people felt that 4.8 earthquake that hit the East Coast on Friday.  But no one was more shaken than this guy . . .

33-year-old Justin Allen lives in Horsham, Pennsylvania, just outside Philly.  It’s about 40 miles from the epicenter in New Jersey.

And he happened to be in the middle of a VASECTOMY when it hit.  (!!!)  He was halfway through the 20-minute surgery when the whole room started to shake.

He was awake for the procedure, which is normal.  He thought maybe a train went by until his doctor said, “Is that an earthquake?”  Justin thought he was joking at first, just to lighten the mood.

So did it affect the procedure at all?  Well, it looks like Justin might never have kids again . . . because the surgery was a SUCCESS.  They got back to it a few minutes later, and everything went fine.  He’s already got two kids, by the way.

He tweeted about it as soon as they gave him his phone back.  In all caps, he wrote, “An [effing] earthquake happened in the middle of my vasectomy.”

He says his surgeon and everyone else in the room agreed they’d never forget where they were when that earthquake hit.

(Huff Post)

(Here’s a photo of Justin right after his vasectomy.)